Let the power of language be on your side!

We communicate with other people through kotoba, or language. Even though there are many different ways to communicate all over the world, kotoba is the main tool of human interaction. It is the foundation of speaking and thinking.
At NaGA International, we provide you with the best quality language instruction and services, opening you up to the wonderful world of communication.

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Policy and Promise

Kotoba Service by NaGA International

NaGA International is more than just a language school. We understand that your language needs are complex and we strive to meet those needs through our Kotoba Service. NaGA’s Kotoba Service includes language instruction in a variety of settings, from the classroom to the conference room. What’s more, NaGA International offers translation, proofreading, and interpretation services to support all your language requirements. With over 30 years of experience, NaGA International is your premier communication resource.

Language School Translation/Proofreading/Interpretation Teacher Outsourcing 「Kotoba Service」
policy&promise 「Traditional」「Professional」「International」



Tsuchiya Building, 1293 Tsuruga-Toigosho, Nagano City
(on Chuo-dori Street)


Business Hours: 10:00-21:00 on weekdays / 9:00-17:00 on weekends

Designated Parking Lot near the School   Only about 65 yen/hour

Translation / Proofreading / Interpretation / Teacher outsourcing


Receive excellent quality work for a reasonable fee.

Receive excellent quality work for a reasonable fee on documents such as posters, pamphlets, business cards, or any other materials, in large or small quantities. We will provide you an estimate for free. Our achievements include translating documents from clients such as the Executive Committee for the Special Olympics, Shinshu University, and the Japan Junior Chamber, among others.


Have your document properly and professionally proofread.

Many shops and companies post signs in English these days. English signs are linguistically friendly to foreigners and portray a stylish image. But did you know that many Japanese-English words and phrases, which we use often and freely, are strange or incorrect in the eyes of a native speaker? Using the wrong English words or phrases may damage the image of the shop or company. Our proficient, professional proofreaders are native speakers who check spelling and grammar, and choose appropriate words for your documents.


Our interpretation service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our excellent interpreters are active on the front lines and have experience in working for the Nagano Winter Olympics, international conferences, and various  other events. Our interpretation services range from guided tours to conferences, business negotiations to speeches, and are designed to meet your needs (e.g., simultaneous, consecutive, and whispering interpretation).

Teacher outsourcing

Our teacher outsourcing service is flexible to fit your requirements.

We outsource our teachers to English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese language seminars. Improve your staff’s language skills to boost communication and reduce conflict. Our teachers can be outsourced to company language seminars as well as to individual groups. Feel free to inquire for further information.


Company Profile

Business Name Nagano Foreign Language School
Location 1293 Tsuruga-Toigosho, Nagano City
Representative Representative Director, President Isoshi Tsuchiya
Established November, 1979
Description of Business Foreign Language Education Business (English, French, Chinese, Korean, others)/
Sales of related textbooks, any incidental business
Board Members President, Isoshi Tsuchiya;
Board member, Ryuichiro Tsuchiya;
Manager, Yukari Sakata
Financing Banks Hachijuni Bank, Nagano Shinkin Bank
Classrooms 1st Floor: Office / Lobby    2nd Floor: 3 classrooms    3rd Floor: 5 classrooms    4th Floor: 2 classrooms

Language School

Free registration and no annual fee! We are recruiting new students!
features Features of NaGA International
Reasonable tuition and affordable monthly tuition

You needn’t pay off your tuition fees immediately.We offer flexible payment plans to suit your budget.

Convenient and worry-free with our make-up lesson system!

You won’t lose any lessons by utilizing our make-up lesson system to attend the same or similar level classes when you miss your class.

Our teachers have rich characters and unique teaching methods.

You can learn different cultures, customs, and ways of thinking in distinctive lessons that take advantage of each teacher’s unique character. That’s something you can never learn by self-study.

Over 30 years of history and achievement

NaGA International was founded in 1979. We have dedicated ourselves to foreign language education for over 30 years, supported by the enthusiastic local learners in our community, and we will continue to promote language learning, contributing to the proud tradition of educational excellence in Nagano Prefecture.


Lesson Fees (Group lessons)

Adult English Course 1lesson70min.
Monthly tuition (1 lesson /wk) ¥10,260
Monthly tuition (2 lessons /wk) ¥16,416
Elementary School Student English Course 1lesson50min.
Monthly tuition (1 lesson /wk)  ¥6,480
Monthly tuition (2 lessons /wk) ¥10,368
Junior High School Student English Course 1lesson110min.
Monthly tuition (1 lesson /wk) ¥11,232
French Course / Chinese Course / Korean Course
primary 1lesson90min.
Monthly tuition (1 lesson /wk) ¥14,580
Basic / Intermediate / Advanced 1lesson70min.
Monthly tuition (1 lesson /wk) ¥11,340
Monthly tuition (2 lesson /wk) ¥18,144
Discount System for Group Lessons
Discount for those who are taking more than two different languages 10%OFF
Family Member Discount 20%OFF
Student Discount
High school, College, Vocational School Students

Further discounts can be applied when the tuition for six months or one year is paid at once.
The maximum discount is up to 50%.

private lessons

Private Lessons
One-on-One Lessons 1lesson60min.
English ¥6,480
French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese ¥8,640
Taking lessons over 10 hours in a month 20% OFF
Semi-Private Lessons
One-on-Two Lessons 1lesson60min.
English ¥4,860
French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese ¥6,480
One-on-Three Lessons 1lesson60min.
English ¥4,320
French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese ¥5,760